Introduction: #Adulting

We’ve been there, and perhaps are still there (FACEPALM): You’ve just graduated after MANY years of studying with the title Doctor. However! When someone refers to terms such as “professional liability”, “compound interest”, “capital gains” and “provisional tax” your eyes glaze over and let’s be honest… 99% of us vets feel waaaaay out of our comfort zone… Perhaps one should just binge watch some Netflix and maybe re-address this issue that is post-graduate ‘adulting’ tomorrow.. or maybe next year.

Let’s be frank – WTF do any of these terms mean and clearly I missed the lecture on all this ‘adulty wisdom’! Give me a complicated atypical Addison’s case any day over financial jargon!

This module is a crash course on all financial things that we like to refer to as ‘#Adulting’. We’ve made this module in the hope that you can set yourselves up for financial success right from the get go! Don’t worry, we’re also going to be taking notes!

Module Content:

  • Managing your finances – budgets
  • Taxes – When? How? Where? What if I have a locum income?
  • Saving for retirement
  • Insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Professional liability insurance


Charl du Plessis

Charl studied law at the University of Stellenbosch and has been working in the Financial Service Industry for the last 15 years. He loves animals. His resume is pretty hardcore. There’s a whole bunch of legal jargon there, that the standard Oxford Dictionary is not going to help decipher.

We love the fact that Charl:

  1. Is not going to sell you an insurance product – well ‘cuz he doesn’t need to
  2. Is very wise in all these things that we know very little about! #LegalStuff #Insurance  #Contracts #ADULTING
  3. Is a pretty cool guy that loves his dogs (Mr Pickles & Honda); loves the outdoors (just like us); and loves a swim in the Atlantic ocean and a weekend beer

90% of us crusty, old vets would have killed for some of this wisdom before the age of 35, so enjoy, and enjoy #ADULTING!!