Hospital Assistant

            Support Staff Are the Backbone of a Veterinary Practice and Every Vet Will Agree That a Well Trained Team of Hospital Assistants Is Priceless!


Khula courses complement the ‘on the job training’ by providing a better understanding as to ‘the why’ behind an assistant’s daily tasks.

Hospital assistant courses include training on stress-free handling, surgical equipment, patient prep, post op recovery, caring for the hospital patient and more…


Bespoke Practice Workshop

Khula offers in practice workshops for kennel assistants. This is a tailor-made course specific to the individual team’s needs with an emphasis on practice protocols. An online meeting is first held with practice management to highlight key areas of focus and the course outline then finalised. Khula has a bilingual training offering for hospital assistants in Zulu and English.

Provincial Hospital Assistant Workshop

Khula hosted its first two provincial workshops in Cape Town and Durban in 2022 with huge success! The full day provincial workshop consists of theoretical training and practical demonstrations by a team of Khula vets and vet nurses. Hospital assistants from multiple practices come together to share in a dynamic, collaborative workshop. Group sizes are small to ensure a premium educational experience. Each hospital assistant receives a set of Khula notes as well as a certificate of completion.