Helping Vets Expand Their Skills, Grow in Confidence and Thrive in this Unique Profession


To our newly qualified colleagues, fear not, we too have been there! Starting out in this profession can be both exciting and daunting.

We graduate with a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical training, but as we enter private practice, inexperienced vets sometimes lack confidence and the skills to apply all that training. Client communication is arguably one of the most challenging yet important skills for a vet to master and is a focus in all of our courses.

The quality of mentorship a vet receives in those first years in practice, sets them up for the rest of their careers. Of course, online training can never replace the experience gained on the job, Khula’s aim is to complement this process. Khula helps vets refine and focus their knowledge, grow in confidence, and allows for a smoother and easier transition into this humbling profession. Our goal is for our young colleagues to transform those feelings of overwhelm and thrive!



Study Group

Khula offers a CPD accredited course for South African vets in their community service year (CCS vets). This 14 module, online course is designed to help CCS vets prepare for their transition into small animal private practice.  The focus is on mastering DAY 1 competencies and client communication. It’s our goal for our colleagues to enter private practice feeling calm, confident and ready to flourish in this deeply rewarding profession.

Trainees have 6-month access to 14 recorded modules, downloadable notes and an array of bonus content. A team of Khula veterinarians are available to answer questions throughout the duration of the course. After watching each recording, CCS vets will be required to submit a short quiz and will then be awarded 18 CPD points and a Khula certificate of completion. 

New Graduate Training

With the introduction of the community service year in South Africa, ‘fledgling vets’ are entering private practice with varying levels of practical skills and experience. Every small animal veterinary practice is unique with its own protocols and ways of working. 

Khula’s aim is to build on a vet’s strengths and interests and address perceived weaknesses whilst aligning with practice protocols. Khula courses include one-on-one, online mentoring sessions with a Khula veterinarian as well as Khula downloadable notes.

Specialist Training

We haven’t forgotten about our more experienced colleagues! The veterinary profession is ever evolving and as vets, we never stop learning.

Khula partners with veterinary specialists to offer online, bespoke training for individual practices. These sessions allow for targeted mentorship, focused on topics most inspiring to your veterinary team. The small group setting provides an excellent opportunity for case discussions and questions. Sessions are hosted online allowing for specialist training and mentorship, from the comfort of your own home. Specialist sessions are submitted for CPD accreditation.