Rabies kills tens of thousands of people every year, mostly children in developing countries.

More than 95% of human rabies cases are caused by dog bites: by vaccinating 70% of dogs, we can eliminate almost all human rabies.

The key to rabies management is through education of the public.

Khula Outreach has partnered with the KwaZulu-Natal State Veterinary Department to join the fight against rabies. Through strategic vaccination campaigns, we aim to improve ‘herd immunity’ of dogs and cats in the rural areas of KZN. Creating awareness about rabies is a key goal for these vaccination drives.

Khula Outreach Student Elective program

The need for rabies ambassadors, combined with our passion for teaching, resulted in the Khula Outreach Student Elective program. Final year veterinary students will join our Khula Team on a sponsored elective week, centered around community outreach & learning about rabies. Onderstepoort veterinary students will be exposed to all aspects of the veterinary industry, and gain invaluable experience in private practice and welfare work. Our goal is to inspire the future generation of South African Vets to be leaders in community empowerment and rabies management.

Our Sponsors

Thanks to our valued industry partners & sponsors, final year veterinary students have the opportunity to contribute to rabies management in South Africa, whilst enjoying a unique educational experience.

Outreach in Action