Veterinary Receptionist

A Veterinary Hospital is a Unique Work Environment, One That Requires a Highly Skilled, Dynamic Front Staff Team.


Veterinary receptionists are the first point of contact for our clients and their competency is a direct reflection of the practice.

Veterinary practices deal with a wide array of medical and surgical conditions and reception is key in helping coordinate communication between the pet owner and the rest of the veterinary team. Receptionists play a vital role in optimizing the vet and vet nurses’ time. It is important a receptionist has a comprehensive understanding of the front of shop products in order to make accurate and helpful recommendations. At the same time a receptionist must be capable of dealing with emotional pet owners and high stress situations in the case of emergencies. One could say, veterinary receptionists must be masters in multi-tasking!

Khula aims to build a strong foundation of veterinary knowledge with a key focus on primary health care and common disease conditions. The goal is to optimise client communication and reception work flow. Our reception course is currently in development but please get in touch for further information.


Khula Receptionist Masterclass

Khula was created by vets for vets, and we’ve designed our vet receptionist course with exactly that in mind. As vets, we rely heavily on our receptionists for support. They’re the friendly hosts of our hospitals; the protectors of the appointment lists and front shop product gurus. Our receptionists are the glue that holds it all together, and the vital link between the hospital team and our pet owners.

This Khula course is designed to celebrate these masters of multitasking, and empower them with a strong foundation of veterinary knowledge. The course will be focused on primary health care and premium client service