Episode 1: Vaccinations

Why is it so important to vaccinate your puppy? What are the diseases that vaccines protect against? Why does your vet recommend such a specific vaccination protocol for your puppy? These are just some of the questions that Sr Meghan Skinner, from MSD Animal Health, will be answering in this episode on vaccinations.

Episode 2: Nutrition

What are the nutritional needs of our puppies? How does food affect their growth and healthy development?

Dr Marizaan Burger, from Royal Canin, answers these questions and shares why it is so important to feed a good quality diet.

Episode 3: Parasites

This episode presented by Sr Meghan Skinner, from MSD Animal Health, gives an insight into the different internal and external parasites that you should protect both your furry and human family members from and how best to do this.

Episode 4: Training & Socialisation

Dr Laura McIntrye from “Just Nuisance” Veterinary Behavioural Consultancy explains the importance of enrolling your puppy into puppy school. Dr McIntyre shares why socialisation is such an important part of your puppy’s development and how this can help prevent behavioural problems in the future.

Episode 5: Proactive Veterinary Care

Drs. Michelle Markram and Charlotte Philip, from Khula Vet, explain the importance of building a strong, trusting relationship with your veterinary clinic. The Khula team shares tips to become an empowered pet owner and how to best prepare for the financial commitment of pet ownership.