Introduction: Weekend Warriors

Whether it’s to make some extra cash or develop your clinical skills, many of you may want to locum on weekends. How do you go about finding and choosing the right position? What should you charge? What will a practice expect from you?

Locuming will be your first foot in the door to the world of private practice and can often be quite daunting. This module will give you a better idea of what to expect from a weekend locum and how to be the best Weekend Warrior you can be!

Module Content:

  • What defines a locum position?
  • How to find the right practice for you
  • How does a weekend locum differ from a weekday locum
  • Building practice relationships and networking
  • What to charge and how to invoice
  • Contracts


Dr Charlotte Philip

Dang! Veterinary Science, you are a rollercoaster! But what’s the point of life without a fantastic challenge!

My veterinary career started in 2013, at a small animal practice in Johannesburg. I look back at those first years in Sandton with immense gratitude, it was a steep learning curve but my patient mentor guided me along the way. I was taught the importance of building client relationships and doing thorough work-ups.

My next step was to join a veterinary group in Sunninghill (along with Dr Michelle Markram), where we had the privilege of working with an unbelievably talented veterinary team. This practice had a strong focus on teamwork and I was again exposed to a high standard of veterinary care and exceptional client service. I then stepped into industry where I gained invaluable experience in pet nutrition and sales, and then a short time in practice management. My professional road has led me to create my final chapter –  Khula Vet

It is Khula Vet’s mission to empower our colleagues to THRIVE in veterinary science and find their niche! I couldn’t be more proud to be partnering with Michelle on this journey, and look forward to ALL this exciting and oh so humbling profession has to offer!

Dr Michelle Markram

I entered this wonderful profession in 2014 after almost a decade of studying, an honours degree in Animal Science and finally a BVSc degree from Onderstepoort. I was extremely blessed to have started my veterinary career in a very supportive practice in Johannesburg, which set a foundation of a high standard of practice with a focus on client communication.

After almost 5 years at this practice my itchy feet took me on an adventure across the sees locuming in the UK. Working in many different types of practices with different types of people has given me an insight into what a successful and enjoyable work environment looks like.

In the crazy year of 2020, the unique opportunity presented itself to join my dear friend Charlotte on this incredible venture that is Khula Vet. It combines my love for all things veterinary with a love of teaching, while also having the potential to positively impact the veterinary profession.